Specify Collections Consortium

Specify 6 Update Release  

Release Notes
Specify 6.7.03
18 July 2019

General Note

This small Specify 6 maintenance release addresses three recent issues of some urgency. It does not update the Specify database schema. Another Specify 6 release with additional fixes and a likely schema update will be released in August 2019.

Issues resolved
  1. Batch Editing Locality records from a Collection Object query that does not include a field from the Collecting Event table will no longer result in the Station Field Number data for that record being deleted. (GitHub Issue 300)
  2. Zero Date setting in MySQL is no longer included in the Data Exporter Database connection. The Data Exporter will no longer throw an error when partial dates include a "00" value for a portion of the date for any collections. (301)
  3. Resolved connectivity/permission problem with basemap Open Street Map layer used in the GeoLocate Plugin. (310)