Specify Collections Consortium

Release Notes
Specify 6.7.01 "Wolverine"
7 May 2018

Specify 6.7.01 is a minor maintenance update; it does not modify the database schema.

  1. Specify 6.7.01 adds the option to grant Batch Editing (BE) privileges to users in classes other than Managers and Administrators. BE is now available on the "Tools" page of the Specify Security Configuration tool. BE privileges may now be assigned to individual Full Access and Limited Access users. By default, BE is turned on for Managers, and turned off for all other users. When granting BE privileges, Workbench Upload and Query Builder access privileges must also be granted or else BE will not be visible or available to the user.  John Torgerson (Michigan) championed this improved flexibility.

  2. The GeoLocate Project is moving to a new institution and to new servers. We updated the links in Specify to the new GeoLocate addresses to maintain Specify's integration.  Thanks to Nelson Rios (Yale) for his technical assistance.

  3. We fixed a 'regression' to an earlier change that had affected GUIDs on Preparation records. The original fix mostly filled in GUIDs for records that contained NULL values; it was applied during the schema update process for release 6.7.00.  For a subset of databases using Preparations, the schema update would fail at the step: "Creating Index for Preparation GUID". For installations that updated to 6.7.00 and did not experience that update issue, this fix is not needed and it will have no effect. Thanks to the Univ. Florida and the Santa Barbara MNH for helping to solve the problem.

  4. We clarified the use of the text: "Save Changes" and "Discard Changes" in the dialog window buttons that appear after data are entered into a Specify data form and when a user then attempts to close the tab or the program without saving the edits.

  5. We fixed a rare problem involving series data entry that occurred when two series were created with ranges in inverse order, for example, a series with catalog numbers "600-620" was followed by a series with catalog numbers "500-550".  When the user tried to save the new series entries Specify would create more than the desired number of records.

  6. We fixed an issue with the Specify Data Exporter tool which would cause Specify to hang if more than 100,000 records had been updated and needed to be exported for an IPT cache or web portal update, and where records had been deleted in the database since the last export. The Exporter now works correctly in this scenario.

  7. A bug with the Symbiota connector that caused Specify to ingloriously crash with a stack trace window has been squashed.  Thanks to Herrick Brown (SERNEC Project) for bringing it to our attention.