Release Notes
Specify 6.6.05
03 November 2016
Specify Software Project

List of Changes to Specify 6.6.05

  1. The Specify login screen now remembers its openness state (expanded or contracted), as a special favor to Warren Brown, U. Florida, who pleaded that he was weary of clicking.  2016-09-28  (Bugzilla #10264)
  2. The automatic check for Specify Software updates will not permit updates in user sessions if the new database-level preference "IsReleaseManagedGlobally" is set. 2016-11-01  (10225)
  3. The "Check for Updates" item on Help menu is no longer visible if the "IsReleaseManagedGlobally"global preference is set. 2016-10-26  (10229)
  4. Displaying the database backup prompt in a user session is now a global preference which can be set once for all collections in a database.  2016-09-27  (10226)
  5. RecordSets of Collection Objects can now be dragged and dropped onto the Accession icon, and also can be added to Accessions through a menu prompt.  2016-10-28  (10242)
  6. Taxon Full Names can now be added to Loan items forms, enabling listing of taxa for Preparations contained within a Loan. 2016-10-24  (10279)
  7. Fields which are required by the localization (forms) schema are now also required by the WorkBench for uploading into Specify.  2016-10-28  (10284)
  8. The "Highlight New Records" option in the Specify WorkBench now works correctly for Collecting Event and Locality data.  2016-11-02  (10257)
  9. Default Invertebrate data forms no longer generate an error message due to a missing "collectionreltype" field. 2016-10-28  (10283)
  10. Geography records can be added from Locality form.  2016-10-27  (10282)
  11. Default settings for CSV dataset imports now correspond to CSV file standard "RFC-4180".  2016-10-25  (10218)
  12. If turned "ON" for Catalog Number, auto-fill no longer erroneously increments other number fields which also have auto-fill activated. 2016-10-24  (10135)
  13. Changes to information in tree data displays now changes the tree update timestamp and subsequently exports the changes correctly.  2016-10-24  (10212)
  14. In the Specify WorkBench, if a Collection Object record has Locality data but no Geography data, the Locality table record is now created when uploaded into Specify.  2016-10-24  (10280)
  15. Whether preference "Attachment.IsPublic" is initially set to on or off is now based on preference value. 2016-10-20  (10204)
  16. Tree data node merging now works when dragged nodes or their descendants have attachments.  2016-10-20  (10258)
  17. On the collection statistics page, the "Top 5 Species" and "Specimens by Country" charts now display correct values.  2016-10-13  (10274)
  18. "Distinct" check is now saved and exported with Query definition. 2016-10-11  (10265)
  19. Deleting a Specify user who created an existing export schema mapping is no longer allowed unless the mapping is deleted first.  2016-10-10  (10208)
  20. Conservation Events now display correctly on forms.  2016-10-10  (10261)
  21. The "IsRequired" parameter for fields is now set correctly for user session when a user changes the collection being accessed within Specify.  2016-10-07  (10222)
  22. Auto-increment now works for Catalog Number and Accession formats.  2016-10-07  (10235)
  23. Exsiccata search dialog now works correctly.  2016-10-07  (10247)
  24. Localities of Collection Objects in RecordSets will now map in Google Earth if Determinations are not present.  2016-10-07  (10254)
  25. Catalog Numbers can now be optionally set to increment across multiple collections within a database.  2016-10-05  (10236)
  26. An Export Schema Mapping name is now required to be unique across all collections within a database to avoid name conflicts.  2016-10-04  (10232)
  27. Decimal digits in floating point (real number) fields are no longer gratuitously truncated when records are edited.  2016-10-04  (10238)
  28. Adding search conditions on un-displayed fields no longer duplicates records in query results.  2016-10-03  (10227)
  29. Data for "Locality Citation" (table) which are linked to Locality table field "Locality Citations" can now be uploaded through WorkBench.  2016-09-28  (10217)
  30. The WorkBench Uploader now works correctly for databases with shared PaleoContext records and which have them linked to the Locality table.  2016-09-28  (10240)
  31. The WorkBench uploads records with no value in the "LatLongType" field but which do have "Lat1" "Long1" field data now have the LatLongType value filled by default as "Point". 2016-09-28  (10246)
  32. WorkBench DataSets with RefWork information but without data in the RefWork Title field no longer take an inordinately long time to upload and validate.  2016-09-27  (10216)
  33. "Created by" Agent and "Modified by" Agent can now be made visible for multiple tables in the Query Builder. 2016-09-27  (10224) (10231) (10256)
  34. Autoincrementers for fields other than Catalog Number and Accession Number (including numbers for Loans, Gifts, Collecting Events) now scope correctly.  2016-09-26  (10211)
  35. Paleocontext relationship to the Collection Object, Collecting Event or Locality table is now correctly maintained after a Specify schema update. 2016-10-24  (10241)
  36. The Specify database schema update performed by this release includes these changes: