Release Notes
Specify 6.6.03
22 December 2015
Specify Software Project

List of changes in Specify 6.6.03

  1. When "Is Not Null" is applied to fields in Queries, the condition now excludes both null and empty fields. 2015-12-21 (Bugzilla #9255)
  2. Web Portal advanced searches now finds values when searching with the '-' character. 2015-12-21 (10173)
  3. Lifemapper requests are again returning results. 2015-12-21 (10187)
  4. Agents are now fully searchable on Mac OS X installations. 2015-12-21 (10188)
  5. Accession Number now appears after opening a recently saved Accession record. 2015-12-17 (10184)
  6. One can restrict export of Attachments based on a field in the Attachment table. 2015-12-14 (10171)
  7. The correct thumbnail is now used when attaching images via the Collection Object form. 2015-12-11 (10177)
  8. There are now separate report file caches for PC, Linux and Macs to avoid conflicts among platforms. 2015-12-11 (10168)
  9. Lithostrat window no longer disappears behind the Specify window. 2015-12-11 (10179)
  10. Start and End Depth Unit fields changed to text fields. 2015-12-11 (10182)
  11. Field name matching in iReports is now case-insensitive. 2015-12-10 (10139)
  12. Catalog Numbers that include "anychar" sections now acts as expected and allows values to be entered. 2015-12-08 (10162)
  13. Save button does not become active in Lithostratigraphy and Chronostratigraphy records until all data field requirements are met. 2015-12-08 (10176)
  14. Content of Authors field in the Taxon table can now be displayed in taxon tree display by setting a preference. 2015-12-07 (10161)
  15. Fields for Page Number, Figure Number, and Plate Number were added to the Collection Object Citation table for Paleo collections. 2015-12-18 (10185)
  16. Number and Text fields were added to the Treatment Event table. 2015-12-04 (10101)
  17. AttrDate field in the Preparation Attribute table saves data correctly. 2015-12-04 (10151)
  18. Large text fields were added to the Collection Object Attribute table. 2015-12-03 (10016)
  19. PreparedBy and AuthorizedBy fields were added to the Treatment Events table. 2015-12-03 (10102)
  20. The Treatment Event table now supports Attachments. 2015-12-03 (10122)
  21. Specify WorkBench no longer erroneously marks empty "Determiner 1" fields as invalid when there is "Determiner 2" data. 2015-12-02 (10154)
  22. Guest or Limited Access users can now view trees with modify privileges turned off. 2015-12-01 (9600)
  23. Can correctly add Collecting Event data in a database that shares Collecting Events when the Collecting Event record does not contain the fields in the Collecting Event table format. 2015-11-25 (10150)
  24. Using the '-' character in a schema mapping name no longer causes the Data Exporter cache build to crash. 2015-11-25 (10152)
  25. Locality Name can be formatted. 2015-11-25 (10156)
  26. Preparations can be aggregated by Prep Type with count sums. 2015-11-25 (10159)
  27. Unaccepted taxa are no longer erroneously changed to preferred taxa when uploading through the WorkBench. 2015-11-25 (10163)
  28. The table Agent Specialties shows in Agent queries when it is unhidden. 2015-11-25 (10164)
  29. The Modified By field shows up in Agent queries when unhidden. 2015-11-25 (10165)
  30. Collection Object records with Exsiccata relationships now save quickly when modified. 2015-11-19 (10160)