Release Notes
Specify 6.6.02
28 May 2015
Specify Software Project


List of Changes

  1. Georeference Determination By (Geo Ref Det By) field now updates correctly when localities are georeferenced multiple times. 2015-05-20 (Bugzilla 10129)
  2. "Gift Preparations" has been added to the Preparation table in the Query Builder. 2015-05-18 (10125)
  3. The correct label or report will now run when multiple databases with identically named reports or labels are on the same machine. 2015-05-18 (10075)
  4. Collection Object records will now upload from the Specify WorkBench even if the Collection Object data in the record are not unique. 2015-05-07 (10120)
  5. The database selection picklist on the Specify login screen will no longer force capitalization or autofill functions. 2015-05-07 (10091)
  6. Deleting a record that is listed multiple times in query results will no longer cause a software exception. 2015-05-07 (10080)
  7. It is now possible to search for Host Taxon field values using only the wild card symbol (*). 2015-05-07 (10103)
  8. Importing queries or reports, which have queries associated, will no longer cause incorrect "Aggregator not found" messages in Query Builder results for aggregated/formatted columns. 2015-05-07 (10098)
  9. It is now possible to print query results by using the printer icon button in Query Results window toolbar. 2015-05-07 (10042)