Release Notes
Specify 6.6.00
31 December 2014
Specify Software Project


Important Notes

  1. The Specify update package for this release forces a MySQL database schema update. It is critical to make a backup copy of your current data prior to installing Specify 6.6 and updating the Specify database schema. Before updating all users should be logged off of Specify. After the database is updated, each workstation which accesses a shared collection database will require updating to Specify 6.6.
  2. Specify 6.6, Specify helper applications, and the Specify installation package all require the Java 8 SE runtime environment (Java 8 JRE) to be installed at the system level prior to updating and use. Java 8 is available from Oracle Corp:

New Capabilities

  1. iPad Data Export function to create and export a database copies to the Specify iPad cloud server for download and use with Specify Insight on the Apple iPad.
  2. Specify 6.6 includes a tool for assigning ISO continent, country and U.S. state codes to locality records to enable Apple iPad map displays.

List of Changes

  1. The Specify Data Exporter will now export geo-coordinates with correct precision.  2014-12-16  (Bugzilla 9911)
  2. External attachment file records which include a "." (period) character in the attachment filename will no longer cause an error while batch uploading.  2014-12-16  (9884)
  3. Unused Collection Object Attribute fields are now hidden by default.  2014-12-16  (9702)
  4. The maximum number of characters allowed in a Specify WorkBench cell has been increased.  2014-12-16  (9617, 9812)
  5. A PaleoContext record can no longer incorrectly be deleted when another record is linked to it.  2014-12-15  (9711)
  6. Batch attachment import for Collecting Event / Collector Number now works correctly.  2014-12-12  (9975)
  7. The Darwin Core Archive export function has been updated to make more fields map automatically.  2014-12-12  (9972, 9781, 9979)
  8. Pick lists can now be edited properly on popup (sub)forms.  2014-12-12  (9966)
  9. For collections with host species taxon data, a host's Preferred Taxon Name can be put and viewed on a Collecting Event Attribute form.  2014-12-12  (9715)
  10. Conservation Event now offers partial date fields.  2014-12-12  (9553, 9968)
  11. Entering a new value in an editable pick list no longer requires clicking the "Save" button twice in order to save the form.  2014-12-12  (8629)
  12. Added new Collecting Trip fields to default CT form.  2014-12-11  (9974, 9835)
  13. Added Borrow Date and Count fields to Borrow form.  2014-12-11  (9971, 9970, 9883)
  14. Short Description is now visible in Conservation Description form.  2014-12-11  (9969)
  15. Fixed a bug that occasionally caused Specify to hang on startup.  2014-12-11  (9756)
  16. Searches on Host Taxon Tree levels now work in the main collection.  2014-12-11  (9631)
  17. The Agent table now has a name Suffix field.  2014-12-10  (9905, 9970)
  18. Group Number is now available for Taxonomic levels.  2014-12-10  (9833)
  19. The Specify (Database) Setup Wizard no longer assigns the Collection Manager Agent the Title "mr".  2014-12-10  (9828)
  20. Darwin Core mapping fields are now visible by default in the schema.  2014-12-10  (9782)
  21. Exporting query results to Excel no longer requires the file name extension ".xls" to be manually entered.  2014-12-10  (9720)
  22. Title and Publisher fields in Reference Work table are now larger.  2014-12-10  (9718)
  23. Darwin Core (DwC) Export Schema for Symbiota now sets "isCurrent = yes or empty", as a default.  2014-12-10  (9691)
  24. When the Other Identifiers form is displayed in grid mode, one can now add new records.  2014-12-10  (9634)
  25. Record Sets now maintain the sort order in which they were originally saved.  2014-12-10  (9626)
  26. The maximum number of rows per output file supported by the Specify File Splitter has been increased to 25,000.  2014-11-17  (9856)
  27. The Specify ExpCmdLine application's "ExportForWebPortal" action now exports data with links to file attachments for the Specify Web Portal.  2014-11-07  (9855)
  28. The F1 key and Help now work in the Specify Setup Wizard.  2014-11-05  (9850, 9849)
  29. Field length limits are now checked in the WorkBench when "Highlight Invalid Cells" is set to on.  2014-10-24  (9813)
  30. An error no longer occurs during attachment processing when saving Collection Objects when the attachment file name is null.  2014-10-24  (9717)
  31. Specify WorkBench no longer requires values in the Catalog Number field.  2014-10-22  (9783)
  32. The WorkBench data model no longer duplicates Collection Object Attribute 1.  2014-10-10  (9722)
  33. Data Exporter now exports dates with two digit values for both month and day.  2014-10-08  (9721)
  34. Query Builder no longer deletes data fields in the Query when saving it using the "Save As" option.  2014-10-08  (9643)