Release Notes
Specify 6.5.05
26 August 2014
Specify Software Project

List of changes in Specify 6.5.05

  1. Paleo Context table can now be linked to Collection Object, Collecting Event, or Locality.
  2. Paleo Context can be embedded in Collection Object, Collecting Event, or Locality tables, or treated as a 1-to-many with those tables.
  3. Export to Symbiota capability added to toolbar, for sending DarwinCore format specimen data to a Symbiota portal.
  4. The Locality table format now displays Locality Name, Geography Full Name, Latitude 1, and Longitude 1 by default.   2014-08-21  (9699)
  5. Field Notebook Page is now a button on the Field Notebook Page Set sub-form.   2014-08-20  (9648)
  6. One can now upload attachments to Collecting Event based on unique values in the Collecting Event GUID field.   2014-08-19  (9656)
  7. Command Line Data Exporter application no longer fails when security is activated for databases.   2014-08-19  (9613)
  8. Attachment Tools section of documentation now explains how to export attachments.  2014-08-18  (9627)
  9. View associated collection objects function now works correctly for Chrono- and Lithostratigraphy Trees.  2014-08-18  (9694)
  10. Field Notebook Pages is now displayed as a button on default data forms. 2014-08-11  (9648)
  11. One can now use fields in related tables for query combo box lookups. 2014-08-11  (9657)
  12. Paleo geocoordinate fields, Paleo Latitude and Paleo Longitude, have been added to Locality Detail table. 2014-08-08  (9664)
  13. When you upload a synonymized taxon, the WorkBench now uploads it as a synonymized taxon rather than adding it as a new taxon.  2014-08-05  (9620)
  14. SGR tool added to Task Bar preference page.  2014-08-04  (9676)
  15. Symbiota tool added to Task Bar preference page.  2014-08-04  (9677)
  16. Data Exporter can now export Reference Work Type.  2014-08-01  (9593)
  17. Importing attachments via mapping file now works correctly.  2014-08-01  (9641)
  18. Data fields of type BigDecimal now validate correctly.  2014-08-01  (9614)
  19. Fields, Position State, Direction, Distance Units, Top Distance, and Bottom Distance moved from Paleo Context to Collection Object Attribute.   2014-08-01  (9652)
  20. Added string (Text) fields, float (Number) fields, and logical (Yes/No) fields to Paleo Context. 2014-08-01  (9663)
  21. Added string (Text) fields to Taxon table.   2014-08-01  (9621)
  22. Added float (Number) fields and logical (Yes/No) fields to the Taxon table.   2014-08-01  (9599)
  23. Number of Preparations, Number of Specimens by preparation, and Number Localities Georeferenced have been added to the Statistics Display.  2014-08-01  (9624, 9635)
  24. Can now add/edit attachments in icon and grid view with manager level user.   2014-08-01  (9607)
  25. Added string (Text) fields, float (Number) fields, and logical (Yes/No) fields to Locality Detail.  2014-07-30  (9651)
  26. Storage Attachments are now available in the Query Builder.   2014-07-30  (9645)
  27. Middle Initial displays by default in the drop-down list of Agent query comboboxes.   2014-07-30  (9650)
  28. Exchange In table has field “Agent Sent to” instead of “Agent Received by” on form.   2014-07-30  (9586)
  29. When you clone a Collecting Event, one can auto-generate a new station field number.   2014-07-29  (9619)
  30. The Catalog and Accession Number formats of a database created through the SpWizard will now be the last one selected, even if a format was created.   2014-07-29  (9603)
  31. Projects with a lot of associated Collection Objects no longer cause those Collection Object forms to load extremely slowly.   2014-07-29  (9381, 9590)
  32. Can now set numeric Catalog Number length in the setup Wizard.   2014-07-29  (9605)
  33. Problem with numeric Catalog Numbers with more than the default 9 digits fixed.  2014-07-29  (9604)
  34. Columns in WorkBench data sets can now be chosen as repeaters in WorkBench-based reports.   2014-06-19  (9602)
  35. The button to add search results to existing record set no longer gives “An Issue of Concern” message when clicked.   2014-06-12  (9623)
  36. The field Chrono Strat End from the Paleo Context table is now available in Query Builder.   2014-06-06  (9608)
  37. The Borrow Return Materials table is now available in the Query Builder. 2014-06-05  (9606)
  38. The “In” operator in the Query Builder no longer throws an error when used for fields from Tree tables. 2014-06-05  (9589)
  39. Quantity Exchanged no longer gets cut off on default Exchange data form. 2014-06-05  (9587)
  40. When an incorrect user password is entered on the login screen or for master key, Specify no longer closes with no warning. 2014-06-05  (9592)
  41. Query Builder saves more than 1 moved field.  2014-06-05  (9580)
  42. Scroll bar no longer jumps when unchecking prompt box in query.   2014-06-05  (8952)
  43. When saving record sets, if the record set name is too long, the user now gets a message warning them the name is too long and will not be saved.   2014-06-05  (9516)
  44. Custom parameters in reports now show for record sets.   2014-06-21  (9701)
  45. Life Mapper now displays points on the map for any selected taxa, including taxa with authority data.   2014-06-18  (9696)
  46. Sorting on Catalog Number is now done numerically instead of alphabetically on series labels and reports.   2014-06-21  (9700)