Release Notes
Specify 6.5.02
31 October 2013
Specify Software Project

This release does not modify the Specify database schema.

List of changes in Specify 6.5.02

  1. Only one GeoCoord and one LocalityDetail record are now allowed per Locality record. 10/16/2013 11:59 (9370)
  2. Queries now work correctly when a formatted data table added to a Query Builder query contains only one field. 10/18/2013 (9420)
  3. When creating an external data cache with the Data Exporter, a formatted field (e.g. Taxon) or a tree-level field (e.g. genus, species) can no longer be sorted, which eliminates an error condition. (9407)
  4. PrepTypes now display correctly when scrolling among Preparations on data forms while in edit mode. 10/18/2013 (9426)
  5. Data exporter field mappings created before 6.5.00 that contain un-shown fields no longer cause an error when attempting to export records to the web portal. 10/21/2013 (9427)
  6. If two data fields in a schema mapping have the same name, an error no longer occurs when trying to build a cache in the Data Exporter. 10/22/2013 (9425)
  7. Queries on hidden tables no longer cause an error on login. 10/22/2013 (9428)
  8. Specify now maintains connection to a Networked MySQL server, after an extended idle period. 10/30/2013 (9396, 9201)
  9. Specify Web Portal now displays the value for Yes/No (Boolean) fields correctly. 10/30/2013 (9431)