Release Notes
Specify 6.4.13
Specify Software Project
11 January 2013

List of changes in Specify 6.4.13

  1. The Lithostratigraphy search on the Collection Object form now works correctly. 08-13-2008 (Bugzilla 5852)
  2. The Backup/Restore function will now change the backup location without having to close and re-start Specify. 02-08-2012 (8714)
  3. The SpecifyDBSecurityWizard app will no longer falsely require privileges to be fixed for the master user. 05-22-2012 (8806)
  4. Specify EZDB now shuts down correctly after entering an incorrect username and password. 09-26-2012 (8930)
  5. The Specify Backup/Restore function no longer logs into an incorrect database when a new database name is entered. 09-26-2012 (8932)
  6. LatitudeLongitude Type is now exported correctly from a recordset to a dataset. 09-28-2012 (8937)
  7. A bug where some aggregated fields in a schema mapping caused the Data Exporter app to fail has been fixed. 10-03-2012 (8939)
  8. String fields on forms are now able to become pick lists. 10-05-2012 (8941)
  9. In the Data Exporter, only the schema mappings from the corresponding collection will be shown. 10-09-2012 (8946)
  10. Searching on picklist values that are empty will now return results. 10-09-2012 (8947)
  11. When importing a dataset into WorkBench, the Dataset Mapper will no longer map the same field to more than one column of the dataset. 10-11-2012 (8950)
  12. Default fields in WorkBench now behave in accordance with the Schema and not the forms. 10-11-2012 (8951)
  13. The Statistics page corrected the word "Counties" to "Countries." 11-05-2012 (8985)
  14. The form will no longer need to be reloaded to show an added pick list item. 12-17-2012 (8987 & 9000)
  15. Pressing Shift + v will no longer paste unwanted text in the catalog number field. 11-15-2012 (8991)
  16. A bug that caused a blank error message in the WorkBench uploader has been fixed. 11-28-2012 (8996)
  17. A bug that caused an incorrect "missing data" error message in the WorkBench has been fixed. 11-28-2012 (8997)
  18. Partial catalog numbers are now accepted using the string catalog number format. 11-28-2012 (8998)
  19. The WorkBench will now upload lower taxon levels without filling in higher taxon level information. 11-29-2012 (8999)
  20. Field formats changed in Specify will now be exported in the Data Exporter app. 12-07-2012 (9001)
  21. When the catalog number display format is changed, it will no longer revert to the default format after saving. 12-07-2012 (9002)
  22. A new scriplet has been added for iReport that allows for formatting the decimal places of Latitudes and Longitudes. 12-07-2012 (9003)
  23. Searching taxon, when the Search Synonyms box is checked, will no longer cause an error. 12-10-2012 (9004)
  24. Searching taxon, in the schema mapper, when the Search Synonyms box is checked, will no longer cause a duplicate records error. 12-10-2012 (9007)
  25. The Data Exporter function now exports partial dates correctly. 12-11-2012 (9009)
  26. Support was added for apostrophes in report labels. 12-12-2012 (9011)
  27. A bug that caused a "missing data" error in the WorkBench, over Agent Roles for non-existent agents, has been fixed. 12-12-2012 (9012)
  28. Empty cells are now copied when copying multiple cells in the WorkBench. 12-13-2012 (9015)
  29. Blank lower taxon levels, that are enforced, are now supported in the presence of higher taxon levels. 12-18-2012 (9020)
  30. WorkBench will now assign the appropriate taxon fields to taxon only datasets. 12-19-2012 (9021)
  31. The Full Name of a Taxon will change in the forms when the Full Name format is changed in the Taxon Tree Definition. 12-19-2012 (9022)
  32. Partial dates now display correctly within a query or Quick search. 12-19-2012 (9023)
  33. When uploading a dataset of collection objects which contains data from the Other Identifier table, the record set produced after uploading will now be a Collection Object record set. 12-21-2012 (9025)
  34. "Add child" is now disabled for synonymized taxon in the taxon Tree. 01-02-2013 (9029)
  35. Workbench will no longer upload identical locality records when using the Geo Coord Detail table. 2012-01-08 (9048)
  36. Taxa full names are no longer mismatched when using children of synonymized taxa in full name. 2013-01-09 (9051)
  37. Reports that contain partial date fields will no longer produce an error while running them. 2013-01-09 (9053)