Release Notes
Specify 6.4.11
Specify Software Project
24 September 2012

List of changes in Specify 6.4.11

  1. The function to Create a DataSet from a RecordSet now exports ChronoStratigraphy data. 2012-09-06 (Bugzilla 8906)
  2. For 2nd and 3rd determinations, "IsCurrent" is no longer required even if no other data is present. 2012-09-06 (8921)
  3. The Data Exporter App now has "Quit" and "Help" buttons. 2012-09-20 (8925)
  4. The Backup/Restore App window now shows which database is being backed up or restored. 2010-03-25 (7881)
  5. URL Links in data fields are no longer truncated and now link to the correct location. 2011-10-18 (8590)
  6. Users can no longer be added without a first name. 2012-07-18 (8877)
  7. Creating a Collection Object with a Preparation then deleting it will no longer pop up an error on save. 2012-09-04 (8880)
  8. Geologic Time Period name can now be changed in the sidebar. 2012-07-20 (8881)
  9. Intermittent application freezing fixed when displaying search results. 2012-07-23 (8882)
  10. Lithostratigraphy searches now work. 2012-07-26 (8885)
  11. The Backup/Restore App will now backup/restore to the appropriate Collection. 2012-07-27 (8886)
  12. LatLong Method will now automatically set when using GeoLocate to georeference. 2012-09-05 (8892)
  13. PickLists will now add the appropriate values without deleting other items in the list. 2012-08-16 (8896)
  14. An error is no longer reported when there is only one "IsCurrent" Determination. 2012-08-20 (8898)
  15. A preference was added to NOT allow blank catalog number fields for new Collection Object record creation. 2012-09-14 (8902)
  16. Field from Table PickLists now works. 2012-08-23 (8903)
  17. GeneSequence now counts both lowercase letters and uppercase letters representing DNA bases. 2012-08-27 (8909)
  18. Changes to the Specify schema will now be reflected in WorkBench mapping files and thus in newly created WorkBenches. 2012-03-30 (8767)
  19. Exsiccata can now be added to Query Builder. 2012-07-16 (8875)
  20. Field lengths for Agent LastName mappings are now the correct length. 2012-07-31 (8887)
  21. Create DataSet from RecordSet now works for field related in One-to-Many fields. 2012-08-06 (8889)
  22. Raw OCR output data is now importable into the Workbench and uploadable to Collection Object records. 2012-08-20 (8899)
  23. Create a DataSet from RecordSet now operates properly when the destination DataSet (mapping) does not include lower level tree-structured fields which contain data in the RecordSet. 2012-08-27 (8910)
  24. Create DataSet from RecordSet now reports mismatches between the database tree-structured data definitions and the WorkBench tree definitions. 2012-08-27 (8911)
  25. Queries and Export Mappings now save correctly. 2012-08-27 (8912)
  26. Record types for Agent and ReferenceWorks are now exported correctly. 2012-08-27 (8913)
  27. LatLong values exported by "Create DataSet from Recordset" now export correctly. 2012-08-27 (8914)
  28. Updating a cache with the Exporter App now works after some records have been deleted. 2012-08-28 (8917)
  29. Create DataSet From RecordSet function no longer shows an error (Null Pointer Exception) when exporting records which contain no tree-structured data. 2012-09-04 (8919)
  30. The Database Creation Wizard now stops if the Specify "Master" account login information is incorrect. 2012-08-22 (8901)