Release Notes
Specify 6.4.09
19 June 2012
Specify Software Project

List of changes in Specify 6.4.09

  1. In the Data Exporter application, you can no longer click the Build/Update button before the status is calculated. 2012-06-18 (Bugzilla 8857)
  2. In a Specify database installation with multiple Collections, the GUID field is now correctly creates an LSID value with the appropriate Collection code. 2012-06-15 (8853)
  3. A query containing aggregated fields which finds a large number of matching records no longer displays an error message upon closing the results tab. 2012-06-15 (8837)
  4. When using the Uploader to bring WorkBench DataSets into Specify, a hidden RecordSet is created for each uploaded DataSet. Those hidden RecordSets are normally not used and are now deleted after 30 days. This does not affect the actual data records uploaded into Specify or the actual WorkBench data sets. 2012-06-14 (8855)
  5. Display of the tree levels (Class, Order, Family, Country, State) is faster. 2012-06-14 (8835)
  6. The Attachment Manager pop-up is gone for users who were getting it for no good reason. 2012-06-13 (8808)
  7. WorkBench now flags unrecognized date formats. 2012-06-13 (8802)
  8. Creating a new botany discipline will now add default "Matchers" to Scatter Gather Reconcile. 2012-06-06 (8683)
  9. Deleting a WorkBench completely deletes it and doesn't leave any residual files behind. 2012-06-04 (8781)
  10. The Lifemapper "Show My Data" button now works correctly. 2012-06-01 (8657)
  11. Google Earth now works in Specify WorkBench. 2012-05-11 (7921)
  12. The Latitude/Longitude plug-in now has the correct Source Format. 2012-05-11 (8795)
  13. The Data Exporter application will no longer freeze when trying to update two records within a cache. 2012-06-21 (8861)