Release Notes
Specify 6.4.08
10 May 2012
Specify Software Project

List of changes in Specify 6.4.08

  1. Schema update no longer crashes when updating if ISAM was mistakenly configured instead of InnoDB at the MySQL engine.  2012-05-09 (Bugzilla 8777)
  2. Workbench now allows image files larger than 16MB to be attached.  2012-05-09  (8793)
  3. Highlighted cells no longer occur in Form view after highlighting is turned off.  2012-05-09  (8797)
  4. "Is Current" checkbox grid value no longer changes to false after editing a record in form view.  2012-05-09  (8796)
  5. Error/exception while updating database schema no longer occurs. 2012-05-08  (8776)
  6. Problems with Attachment uploading are fixed.  2012-05-08  (8789)
  7. Image window no longer only displays images in full size.  2012-05-08  (8792)
  8. Lat/Long Plug-in no longer shows an incorrect data format with only two digits. 2012-05-04  (8795)
  9. Default attachment file directory is now set for new collections, so related popup error no longer occurs.  2012-05-01  (8791)
  10. Specify Exporter no longer hangs when creating a cache output file for an extremely large database.  2012-04-18  (8779)
  11. Background color for Google Earth pup-up bubble now contrasts with the message it displays. s.n.