Release Notes
Specify 6.4.07
19 April 2012
Specify Software Project

List of changes in Specify 6.4.07

  1. The schema configuration override function now operates properly. 2012-04-05  (Bugzilla 8769)
  2. The save as function in the Schemma Mapper no longer replicates orginal mapping names. 2012-04-05  (8771)
  3. A security permission issue has been resolved in the Specify DB Security Wizard. 2012-04-04  (8758)
  4. DNA Sequencing Run fields can now be properly queried. 2012-04-04  (8727)
  5. The Specify WorkBench validator now acknowledges corrections accepted from the GEOLocate plug in. 2012-04-03  (8766)
  6. Users can now save modified WorkBench configuration files in the AppData folder without having them overwritten by new releases. 2012-04-02  (8767)
  7. Improvements have been made to the way the LatLongType field is validated in the Specify WorkBench. 2012-04-02  (8765)
  8. In order to for synonyms to maintain their original names, FullNames of synonyms are no longer updated. 2012-03-30  (8737)
  9. Collecting Events can now be added to Collection Object records even if they were uploaded with no Collecting Event fields mapped. 2012-03-30  (8729)
  10. The counts of invalid and new cells now update properly in form view. 2012-03-29  (8760)
  11. The record navigation buttons now function correctly in form view. 2012-03-29  (8759)
  12. When importing a file into the Specify WorkBench, all templates are now available for reuse regardless of what user created them. 2012-03-29  (8752)
  13. Descriptions of selected fields are now displayed in the Specify WorkBench mapping window. 2012-03-29  (8749)
  14. If the "Always ask for Collection at startup" preference is unchecked, Specify now opens the last collection that the user logged out of. 2012-03-29  (8748)
  15. Attached images are no longer stored in databases in order to greatly improve functionality.  2012-03-29  (8746)
  16. Users can no longer access the schema localizer on a database with multiple users by clicking the "X" to close the window displaying other users that are logged on. 2012-03-29  (8723)
  17. Error Estimate and Error Polygon fields are now saved when georeferenced. 2012-03-28  (8754)
  18. There are now two remote preferences that control whether Locality and CollectingEvent records are highlighted when "Highlight New Records" is checked in the Specify WorkBench. 2012-03-27  (8753)
  19. Specify WorkBench names with invalid characters no longer cause exceptions when backed up. 2012-03-27  (8730)
  20. The Return Loan form now functions properly. 2012-03-26  (8744)
  21. A problem with the way the determination "Current" mapping was being validated has been fixed. 2012-03-26  (8736)
  22. A proper confirmation dialog box now appears when a query is being saved with extremely long criteria. 2012-03-26  (8675)
  23. Turning on "Adding Data Prefs" for determinations and configuring determinations to carry forward no longer results in two current determinations.  2012-02-14  (8718)