Release Notes
Specify 6.4.06
07 February 2012
Specify Software Project

List of changes in Specify 6.4.06

  1. Attachments in Specify now save correctly. This release contains a helper application to fix file attachments which were not created and saved properly since the release on Specify 6.4.0 in November, 2011. 2012-02-01 (8709)
  2. Specify now allows users to rebuild an already up-to-date cache using the DataExporter tool. 2012-02-03 (Bugzilla 8712)
  3. Updating an already built cache no longer prompts an incorrect warning message. 2012-02-03 (8711)
  4. The DataExporter tool now exports empty tree levels with null values. 2012-02-03 (8710)
  5. The Batch Identify form has improved speed and performance. 2012-02-02 (8697)
  6. The 'Empty' operator in the query builder now works properly on tree levels. 2012-02-02 (8696)
  7. Creating a query with the "Not" operator enabled no longer causes an exception when searching for criteria which do not exist.  2012-02-01 (8708)
  8. The LatLongType field is no longer required in Specify WorkBench when geocoordinate data are not present.  2012-02-01 8703)
  9. The Specify string localizer now starts properly even after prematurely exiting the language selection.  2012-02-02 (8701)
  10. Specify behaves properly after attaching invalid file images in the WorkBench. 2012-02-01 (8702)
  11. A broken web service connection to the Lifemapper/GBIF database for species distribution mapping has been restored. 2012-02-05; s.n.
  12. Specify version 6.4.05 has been skipped.