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Release Notes
Specify 6.3.07
06 October 2011
Specify Software Project

List of changes in Specify 6.3.07

  1. Loading permissions for a user is now faster. 2011-10-05 (Bugzilla 8569)
  2. Displaying a Locality table record linked to a large number of Collecting Event records is now much faster. 2011-10-05 (8568)
  3. Read-only Pick List fields no longer cause an error when they contain a data value from an earlier database conversion which does not match any item in the Pick List. 2011-10-05 (8567)
  4. When importing an external file into the Specify WorkBench and choosing to re-use a Template with extra columns, Specify now imports the data properly. 2011-10-05 (8559)