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Release Notes
Specify 6.3.06
28 September 2011
Specify Software Project

List of changes in Specify 6.3.06

  1. The auto numbering function can now be turned off properly.  2011-09-27  (Bugzilla #8552)
  2. Exporting a data set with associated images no longer causes an error.  2011-09-23  (8543)
  3. The WorkBench uploader now validates data properly.  2011-09-23  (8548)
  4. 'Yes or Empty' and 'No or Empty' conditions have been added to appropriate operators in the query builder. 2011-09-22  (8546)
  5. The thumbnail generator now regenerates thumbnail images if they are lost or deleted.  2011-09-22  (8549)
  6. Fields that are pick-lists now appear as combo-boxes in WorkBench forms.  2011-09-20  (8544)
  7. Fields in the schema mapper no longer remain selected after changes to schema concepts are made.  2011-09-20  (8540)
  8. An issue was fixed that caused an error when the DeterminationCitation subview button was used.  2011-09-09  (8534)
  9. Read-only pick-lists now display value titles instead of the value in the field.  2011-09-09  (8479)