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Release Notes
Specify 6.3.04
24 August 2011
Specify Software Project

List of changes in Specify 6.3.04

  1. Importing pick lists through the configuration page no longer causes handled exceptions.  2011-08-23  (8518)
  2. A problem causing all dates that have been exported to format incorrectly has been fixed.  2011-08-23  (8516)
  3. When uploading data to the Specify WorkBench, validation functions now highlight field values correctly. 2011-08-23 (8506)  2011-08-23  (8506)
  4. Having non-standard titles for tree levels no longer causes problems loading saved queries.  2011-08-23  (8492)
  5. Numeric integer fields now refuse to accept periods for decimals points.  2011-08-16  (8507)
  6. An exception is no longer created when dropping a record set that includes a record without geography information into GeoLocate.  2011-08-16  (8496)
  7. An exception caused by clicking the Return Preparation button while in view mode has been fixed.  2011-08-16  (8495)
  8. Loan w/o Preps can now be used with out preparations for collection objects.  2011-08-15  (8502)
  9. Values in the query comboboxes no longer get cut off if they are long.  2011-08-15  (8491)