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Release Notes
Specify 6.3.03
27 July 2011
Specify Software Project

List of changes in Specify 6.3.03

  1. Georeferencing a series of Collection Objects now allows user defined points on more than just the first Collection Object in the series. 2011-07-22 (Bugzilla #8486)
  2. In the Locality data form, converting from Decimal Degrees to Degrees Minutes Decimal Seconds no longer leaves the second field blank. 2011-07-22 (8485)
  3. Exporting a pick list from the schema configuration no longer generates an exception.  2011-07-22  (8484)
  4. Associating two Containers to the same Collection Object no longer prevents linking the second Container to other available Collection Objects.  2011-07-21  (8482)
  5. An issue has been resolved that sometimes disabled the email button on the Agent form.  2011-07-21  (8472)
  6. The statistics on the Welcome page now displays the correct number of overdue Loans.  2011-07-21  (7100)
  7. CSV (Comma Separated Value) files now import into the WorkBench without error.  2011-07-20  (8481)
  8. Clicking Help->Change Password now copies a newly-generated Master Key to the user’s clipboard.  2011-07-20  (8475)
  9. Certain Loan records no longer fail to be returned by the Return Loan button.  2011-07-20  (8473)
  10. The Statistics page and Welcome screen now keep more accurate track of the Data Entry statistics.  2011-07-20  (8471)
  11. An issue has been resolved that caused Collection Object uploads with data in Collection Object Citation columns either to fail to upload or to create additional Reference Work records.  2011-07-12  (8465)
  12. The About menu no longer indicates that unregistered collections are registered.  2011-07-07  (7180)
  13. A more informative error message now appears when a user attempt to delete a Container which has Subcontainers assigned to it.  2011-06-30  (8389)
  14. An issue has been fixed that prevented the deletion of Collection Objects created by the WorkBench Uploader.  2011-06-30  (8062)
  15. Editing Address on the Division data form no longer generates an error when clicking Done.  2011-06-28  (8438)