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Release Notes
Specify 6.3.02
28 June 2011
Specify Software Project

List of changes in Specify 6.3.02

  1. The Host Taxon magnifying glass no longer searches the incorrect Taxon tree.  2011-06-28  (8455)
  2. An exception caused by importing and exporting in the Pick List Editor has been fixed.  2011-06-27  (8450)
  3. Creating a Dataset from a Record Set with one-to-many data no longer duplicates data.  2011-06-27  (8443)
  4. Using the "Display in WorldWind" button no longer causes an exception.  2011-06-27  (8439)
  5. Uploads of Agent and ReferenceWork Datasets now work correctly.  2011-06-24  (8447)
  6. The WorkBench data validation no longer marks as invalid cells that are empty because of a "cut" operation.  2011-06-24  (8446)
  7. Record Sets of Taxon data can now be exported into a Taxon dataset.  2011-06-24  (8444)
  8. Creating a Dataset from a Record Set of ReferenceWork data no longer omits the Author fields.  2011-06-24  (8442)
  9. Creating a Dataset from a Record Set of Agent data no longer omits the Address information.  2011-06-23  (8441)
  10. The Loan Agent Role field no longer disables the Save button when filled with a value.  2011-06-23  (8440)
  11. Editing a Container's Collection Object after saving the Container form no longer causes an error.  2011-06-23  (8437)
  12. The Schema Configuration no longer allows the user to change to a locale that is not available.  2011-06-23  (8436)
  13. An issue causing an exception when deleting an attachment has been resolved.  2011-06-23  (8433)
  14. Deleting all rows that contain invalid data from an imported Dataset now enables the Upload button in the WorkBench.  2011-06-23  (8432)