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Release Notes
Specify 6.2.09
16 February 2011
Specify Software Project

New Capabilities:

  1. New iReport scriptlets have been added to improve text formatting options for printed labels and reports.
  2. A "Taxon Rank" field has been added to the Query Builder, enabling queries that return a list of unique higher level taxa in the database. For example, Show me a list of the Orders or of the Families in my collection.
  3. The Agent Profile window within Security Tools now has a “Generate Master Key” button to create the Master Key string needed for a user to login. The Master Key is an encrypted text string of the user’s password and the Specify Master user password. A new user must use this string when logging into Specify for the first time, along with the username and password for that user.

Bugs Fixed:

  1. The window title for the configuration of the Geography Tree in the Wizard now reads "Geography Tree Tanks" instead of "Taxonomic Tree Ranks."  2011-02-11  (Bugzilla 7154).
  2. Specify no longer must be run as an administrator in order for the log file: error.log to be generated in Windows 7.  2011-02-11  (8220).
  3. Updating user security permissions no longer causes an exception in the security summary.  2011-02-07  (8243).
  4. Specify now creates or uses an existing 'Specify' directory in the user home directory and saves all log files there.  2011-02-11  (8246).