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Release Notes
Specify 6.2.08
21 December 2010
Specify Software Project

  1. Author fields for Genus, Species, and Variety are now available in the QueryBuilder.  2010-12-09  (7827).
  2. During WorkBench Upload duplicate localities are no longer save when GeoCoordDetail are in error.  2010-12-14  (8048).
  3. The Edit Pick List window no longer resizes after the first PickList item is entered.  2010-12-09  (8176).
  4. Forms that contain Query Comboboxes that reference a Collection Object now save properly.  2010-12-13  (8179).
  5. Queries with the search synonymy enabled and which contain fields from more than one tree no longer cause an error.   2010-12-16  (8180).
  6. Security upgrades no longer clear the Agent name field from security users.  2010-12-16  (8186).
  7. Users can now change collections from Change Collections menu when they are assigned to two or more collections.  2010-12-14  (8189).

Major Upgrade For Security (“Herrick Brown Upgrade”)

The Specify security system was not checking the correct permissions when logging in, for users who were assigned to two or more collections. Although the security system would select a set of privileges for that user it did not always choose the correct permissions for the chosen Collection. Any permissions that were previously set for individual users who were assigned to two or more collections were removed and will need to set again. Several Bugs.