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Release Notes
Specify 6.2.06
29 October 2010
Specify Software Project

Complete List of Changes:

  1. Added Portuguese as a localization option, thanks to collaboration with Portugal and Brazil.
  2. Queries that use "empty" operators in conjunction with tree level fields now function correctly.  2010-10-29  (Bugzilla 7153).
  3. Adding a new Division no longer causes an error.  2010-10-18  (8099).
  4. Truncation now works correctly for imported datasets with very long column names.  2010-10-18  (8100).
  5. Queries that make use of the "Synonymy" feature and the conditions "not" or "empty" now function correctly.  2010-10-29  (8104).
  6. The Dataset Mapping Editor is now correctly localized.  2010-10-29  (8114).