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Release Notes
Specify 6.2.04
8 October 2010
Specify Software Project

Note for SpecifyEZDB on Windows 7 users:

The Specify Database Wizard, SpWizardEZDB, for configuring a SpecifyEZDB installation, does not currently run with Windows 7. However, if the SpWizardEZDB program is run in Windows XP Service Pack 3 compatibility mode, the Specify EZDB database will generate without error. To run the SpWizardEZDB in Win XP compatibility mode, right-click the SpWizardEZDB icon, select properties; in the dialog that appears click the Compatibility tab, and check "Run this program in compatibility...", select Windows XP (Service Pack 3) from the dropdown list, and then apply changes.

Complete List of Changes:

  1. In the Workbench, unneeded duplicate localities are no longer generated when there is data in the column GeoCoordDetail.  2010-08-27  (8048).
  2. The Detailed CollectingEvent formatter no longer removes "State" from its display string.  2010-09-17  (8076).
  3. Users with permissions to access menu items (e.g. Resource Import/Export) are now able to do so.  2010-09-17  (8075).
  4. Full Access users in Entomology collections are now able to access the Query Creators in the Query Builder when they have permission to do so.  2010-09-17  (8074).
  5. Specify users without an internet connection no longer see an exception when they open a tree.  2010-09-17  (8060).
  6. The File Splitter application now starts correctly on Windows.  2010-09-17  (8049).
  7. Users are now able to use the same Master username and password for distinct Specify databases. Before, each Master User could only have permissions for one database.  2010-09-17  (8052).
  8. Users' password strings are now copied successfully to the clipboard in Security.  2010-09-17  (8058).
  9. The resolution of a loan now automatically checks the "Is Closed" box.  2010-09-17  (6353).
  10. Because Mobile releases should only be able to "Validate" data, they no longer have the option to "Upload" in the workbench.  2010-09-21  (8068).
  11. An issue was resolved that prevented SpecifyEZDB from displaying the login screen on Mac OS X 10.6.1.  2010-09-24  (7764).
  12. Column headings over 64 characters in Workbench data imports are now truncated in such a way that the import completes successfully. Before, truncation caused the import to fail.  2010-09-28  (8084).
  13. Datasets with multiple fields from determination-taxon are no longer incorrectly flagged as invalid.  2010-09-28  (8078).
  14. Changing a UI formatter in the schema localizer no longer prevents forms from loading correctly.  2010-10-05  (8077).
  15. A bad relationship in the Query Builder, for Collection--->Field Notebook, was removed.  2010-10-05  (8089).
  16. The "Specimen by Country Report" now counts specimens that belong to children of country nodes in the Geography Tree.  2010-10-07  (8095).