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Release Notes
Specify 6.2.02
19 August 2010
Specify Software Project

Changes to the Specify database schema in this release:

  1. Agent Table
      A new byte field Date Type to indicate what the Date represents
      Made the Birth and Death Date partial dates
  2. Address Table
      Added 3 additional address lines of length 64
  3. Locality
      Added extra field Text1 - String 255 chars
      Added Text2 - String 255
  4. Locality Detail Table
      Added Start Depth, Units, Verbatim fields
      Added End Depth, Units, Verbatim fields
  5. Paleo Context Table
      Added ChronosstratigraphyEnd
      Lengthed text fields to 255
  6. Preparation Attributes Table
      Changed the length of the Text22 field to 50
  7. Geologic Time Period Table
      Added Text1 - String 128
      Added Text2 - String 128
  8. Morphbank Data Tables added for future integration with Morphbank (

New Features:

  1. The Specify Uploader now allows the designation of a table in Specify to which files being uploaded should be attached.
  2. Resource Import/Export is now able to import and export forms for each user.
  3. The Preparation form now has the option of showing to which loans preparations belong. This feature requires a manual change of the forms xml (using Resource Import/Export). Contact the Project if you want this feature.
  4. The build and Subversion (specific source software code ID) number of each release now appears in Specify's "About" dialog. This is highly useful for diagnosing issues that may arise.
  5. Option added for printing a label for a specimen during data entry form added when first saving it to the database.  2010-06-22 09:26:59  (7962).
  6. New Determinations are automatically set to be the Current Determination.  2010-06-29 06:31:31   (7960).

Complete list of changes:

  1. Import File Splitter splits files into 5000 rows instead of 2000.  2010-06-18 09:53:49   (7978).
  2. File attachments can now be deleted.  2010-06-21 11:06:59   (7974).
  3. File attachments now work for Taxon records.  2010-06-21 11:29:12   (7973).
  4. Query builder incorrectly used 'Single Field' format, now fixed.  2010-06-25 07:18:28   (7983).
  5. Fullnames which are built from the names of tree levels (ranks, columns) are now formatted and displayed correctly on forms.  2010-06-28 06:42:37   (7985).
  6. Administrator level users are now deletable. Fewer administrators=more work gets done.  2010-06-29 05:22:24   (7797).
  7. Editing a new Administrator User's password no longer causes an exception.  2010-06-29 07:12:13   (7979).
  8. Storage field in Prepatation data object is now correctly filled in, after uploading a dataset.  2010-07-07 01:07:02   (7450).
  9. "Apply To All" choice in Specify Uploader match setting preferences now functions correctly. If you use this option, the Uploader will apply your designated action when it encounters matching field values in a record being uploaded and a record already in the Specify database. "Apply to All" means that all matches the Uploader encounters in data values for all tables will be handled in the way specified.  2010-07-07 01:12:24   (7838).
  10. Schema merge when updating Specify database schema now works correctly for localization (internationalization).  2010-07-17 04:24:57   (7994).
  11. In the Specify Uploader if one of three allowable determinations was indicated as being the current determination, the Uploader now recognizes that correctly and that determination is recorded in the database as the current one. Previously the Uploader was ignoring the current determination and always assigned the first determination uploaded as the current one.  2010-07-20 15:32:36   (7998).
  12. "Add Existing User" is Security is now functioning.  2010-08-11 13:27:29   (8011).
  13. Some Collections created at various Discipline levels were not appearing in the Security window, they now are.  2010-08-11 17:03:43   (8020).
  14. Whole Collections that are deleted are now actually erased in Specify System Configuration.  2010-08-12 11:22:36   (8007).
  15. Deleting a Specify agent record which corresponds to a Specify user is no longer allowed. One can delete a Specify user, but the corresponding agent record remains linked to records that that user created or edited.  2010-08-16 12:14:26   (8026).
  16. Adding a Discipline duplicated the Administrator user's agent in search results.  2010-08-16 12:20:05   (8012).
  17. Using LSID Preferences no longer causes an error.  2010-08-16 12:36:58   (8015).
  18. The 'View' window in the Specify WorkBench can now be opened more than once.  2010-08-16 13:23:44   (7788).
  19. In the Specify WorkBench, after using the 'View' option to see records being uploaded into Specify, using 'Commit' to complete the transaction, successfully committed the records, but failed to show a confirmation dialog, it now shows that confirmation.  2010-08-16 13:26:54   (7787).
  20. Updates to the Specify schema initiated by the Specify installation/updater package no longer causes previously unhidden fields to become hidden.  2010-08-16 13:28:24   (7997).
  21. Agent records are now uploaded correctly into Specify from the Specify WorkBench.  2010-08-16 13:29:18   (7789).
  22. Importing "agent-only" fields into the WorkBench with fields from other tables is no longer permitted.  2010-08-16 13:42:00   (7945).
  23. An error preventing uploading Agent-only datasets with attachments was resolved.  2010-08-16 16:04:22   (8018).
  24. New Information Requests now bring up a dialog allowing the user to select a Recordset or enter Catalog Number as sources.  2010-08-16 13:44:09   (7993).
  25. In security, one can now edit the default permissions for the default user in each security category (Guest, Manager, etc.)  2010-08-16 13:48:06   (7987).
  26. An exception is no longer created if a non-existent file name is specified for importing into the WorkBench.  2010-08-16 13:49:19   (7999).
  27. Tooltips were improved for new security-user buttons.  2010-08-16 13:54:21   (7191).
  28. Preference Pane for Loans was enabled in Security for user groups.  2010-08-16 13:55:29   (7295).
  29. Querying "Start Date (Month)" on a form with a "0" before the month number (e.g. "01" for January, "02" for February) no longer causes an exception.  2010-08-16 13:57:39   (7935).
  30. One can no longer add or delete Collection Objects to/from Accession records when the Accession records are in View mode.  2010-08-16 13:59:28   (7800).
  31. Exporting to MS Excel in the Query Results is now functioning correctly.  2010-08-16 14:00:12   (7294).
  32. Security no longer has redundant Tools for "Collection Relationships" and "Edit Collection Relationships".  2010-08-16 14:00:58   (8004).
  33. One can now print the search results grid from a RecordSet.  2010-08-16 14:05:11   (7956).
  34. A feature allowing users to see to which Loans a Collection Object is attached was implemented (requires manually modifying forms' XML).  2010-08-16 15:17:31   (6400).
  35. Divisions can now be deleted.  2010-08-16 15:21:57   (7884).
  36. Uploads from the WorkBench to Specify containing a Preparation agent but not PrepType no longer stop.  2010-08-16 15:24:45   (7866).
  37. One cannot delete their own login "user" in security while they were logged in as that user. Prevents unexpected virtual disappearance of collection managers.  2010-08-16 15:39:00   (8030).
  38. One can now change the names of Tree rank/column/level names ("Tree definition items).  2010-08-16 15:49:10   (7981).
  39. Opening the WorkBench no longer impacts the behavior of the search results page.&bsp; 2010-08-17 09:49:59   (8034).
  40. Attaching an existing agent to a new Specify user in Security no longer duplicates that agent in search results.  2010-08-17 10:33:31   (8031).
  41. Users could not add a third division after adding a second division from the perspective of a single division.  2010-08-17 14:35:01   (8032)
  42. When adding a user to a newly created Division, Specify will now look for any existing Divisions which migh have that user already. If the user exists in another Division, Specify will clone that user and add him/her to the new Division. Specify will no longer erroneously make extra copies of a user cloned in this way.  2010-08-17 12:34:38   (8027).
  43. After adding a new Discipline, the cloned agent record for the Administrator user no longer appears twice in search results.  2010-08-16 12:20:05  (8012).